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Live working

Qualified Electrician for HV systems in Motor Vehicles
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1st edition 2018, 78 pages

Qualification "Live working (LW)": Electrotechnical work under voltage on HV systems in motor vehicles

Special expertise is required for work on electrical systems in motor vehicles which cannot be switched off due to defects, accident damage or other special circumstances. This work may therefore only be carried out by qualified electricians or other persons from the automotive sector with the additional qualification for "live working (LW)".

The basis for the further training - "Live working" is the successful qualification "Basic training". Employees who have successfully completed the "Basic training" already fulfil the requirements for participation in the "Working under live conditions" - "Live working (LW)" qualification due to their previous knowledge. These documents are intended for use in further training as a specialist for high-voltage systems in motor vehicles and for preparation for the final examination.

  • Basing the HV qualification for LW on BGI 8686
  • Why is this additional qualification needed? In which situations might it be necessary to carry out live work on the vehicle?
  • Legal principles for live working
  • Dangers due to faults in a vehicle's high-voltage system.
  • Live work.

The author Henning Wagner trained and worked for years in two trades, as a motorbike mechanic and toolmaker, before studying Engineering. He has been teaching Automotive Engineering for over 20 years, in particular specialised classes for automobile electricians and now for automobile mechatronics engineers, with a particular emphasis on vehicle communications technology, as well as at the Master School for Motor Vehicle Technicians. As a specialist advisor for automotive engineering, the author has been heavily involved in teacher training and in curriculum commissions for many years on behalf of his regional council and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. He has also been very involved in the Implementation Commission for the Introduction of Learning Areas and in the State Committee for the Coordination of the Final Examinations for Automobile Mechatronics Engineers. He is particularly interested in the further development of laboratory teaching in vocational school teaching practice; this is also integrated into this book by means of corresponding worksheets. Due to his background, the author frequently gets his hands dirty in the workshop himself, in order to experience automotive technology from the viewpoint of the workshop staff, i.e. the trainees, and to ensure that this book is as practical and technologically up-to-date as possible.


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